Retailers can battle recession with digital marketing

Irish SMEs need to advertise online, according to recent Google and Experian Event

“If retailers are to have any hope of survival in the current economic climate, they must seek to maximise every available opportunity at their disposal…digital marketing is a cost effective way of targeting new customers and promoting repeat purchases from existing customers” This was the key message that Robert Quirke, Business manager (Cheetahmail) confirmed at the Google/Experian event.

Over a hundred retailers were present at the event, and presentations focussed on winning strategies and best practice in terms of ‘digital marketing’ in the retail sector. Many speakers commented that targeted digital marketing techniques that play to consumers’ needs and demonstrate value for money are vital for retail brands looking to engage positively with their customer base.

Quirke also stated that “maximising digital marketing investments will increase sales and build loyalty, whilst maintaining quality, service levels and margins.” Almost 70% of Irish consumers believe that search engines will direct them to a relevant seller of a product they are hoping to buy and 40% intend to make purchases online this year. All in attendence were encouraged to give care, time and attention to their online marketing and to realise the potential of the internet for sales.

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