Responsive Web Design – What it is, and why you need it

‘Responsive web design’ is a term that’s come to the fore in 2013 – but what is it?

Before the explosion in tablet and smartphone usage, you could build your website in the knowledge that it was going to be viewed by someone with a monitor, a PC/Mac, a mouse and likely a broadband connection. How times have changed – now the person visiting your website could using a screen mounted on a wall, or a smartphone held in their hand at arms length. This is why responsive web design is more crucial than ever before.

Smartphone manufacturers  saw this problem, and tried their best to render standard websites in a way that would be usable on a mobile device. This works to varying degrees of success, and mostly depends on luck rather than design. For example, dropdown menu’s often depend on a mouse hover in order to expand – that won’t really work on a touchscreen, which means the site cannot be navigated.

This has led to the advent of ‘responsive’ web design, where a website design is built to adapt and style itself to cater for various screen sizes, making sure that your potential customer can easily navigate and read your website.

Have you checked your website on a smartphone or tablet recently? Make sure you do – many of your site visitors may be getting no further than your homepage and switching off!

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