Google+ Business Page are here!

It’s been a long wait, but Google have finally launched their business pages for Google+

As you may be aware, Google is now offering Google Pluspages for businesses. Since the launch of Google Plus in June this year, there are already over 40 million users. So from Mid-November, Google are rolling out Google+ Pages worldwide. Similar to Facebook pages, Google+ business pages offer you a chance to promote your business.
What is Google Plus for Businesses?
Direct Connect: Being Found In Search
A new feature for businesses is the ability to have their pages found through “Direct Connect” in Google Search. This will happen for any business that Google determines is particularly relevant for a search, if it is linked and if someone searches for the business with a + symbol in front of its name.

Multiple Pages are Encouraged
It’s absolutely acceptable for businesses to have multiple Google+ pages. So why not have a page for the overall business, as well as for particular products.

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