Warning: Adwords Phishing Emails

Beware of Phishing Emails Purporting to be from Google Adwords

There are currently Phishing emails circulating designed by hackers that claim to be from Google Adwords and asking you to log into your Adwords account. If you receive an email with a subject similar to “Google Inc – Accounts Notice”, be sure to thoroughly check the senders account details. Typically an official email from Google will contain sender@google.com, but the phishing emails look something like this support@googleaccountsupport.com.

If you are unsure as to the origins of an email, it’s best to delete it and check with your Adwords professional or log into your Google Adwords account and check the notifications section.

Sample images of the Google Adwords Phishing emails:



If you click on the link then enter the wrong password and if it accepts it, you will know that the email is an attempt to hack your account.

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As with all things related to online internet privacy and security be vigilant and when unsure about an emails’ origin just delete it and contact the actual authority to confirm it’s legitimacy.

Be Internet aware and keep your personal details private.