Step up your website’s Cyber Security, warning from Gardai

Irish Companies are being advised to intensify Cyber Security on their websites.


In recent months there has been a surge in Cyber attacks being carried out on websites.


eTailor News Article on Gardai warns of Cyber Attacks in Ireland

In a news article posted on the Irish Times, Detective Inspector Michael Gubbins,  head of the Computer Crime Investigations Unit at the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation, has said that SME businesses may not understand the significance of Cyber security adequately.

Speaking ahead of the InfoSecurity Ireland Seminar hosted on Wednesday 13th April 2016, he advised businesses to inform themselves about the risks cybercrime can present.

Det Insp Gubbins mentioned that Irish companies are victims of several types of cybercrime, popular examples are Distributed Denials of Service (DDoS), invoice redirection fraud and CEO fraud, where cyber criminals imitate a senior management’s email account and direct recipients to transfer money to foreign bank accounts.

“In the last 12-18 months, we have seen a big ramp-up in incidents of cybercrime against Irish businesses,” said Det Insp Gubbins.
“In the case of CEO fraud, when this happens, it’s not about getting €5,000 but about obtaining hundreds of thousands of euro and this can have a devastating effect on a company.

“SMEs are more vulnerable than big companies such as the financial institutions because they don’t have the same sort of resources to invest in prevention tactics.

“But the onus is on firms of all sizes to better educate themselves on cybercrime so the public can have confidence in them,” he added.


eTailor work diligently to ensure that websites on our Servers are protected against any such Cyber attacks, along with adding credible and endorsed Security plugins to all websites hosted on the WordPress platform. If your website is on an antiquated platform, now is the time to discuss with our team about upgrading your website. Hosting your website on the WordPress platform will not only can give you increased security but implements the site as Responsive, meaning your site will look great not matter which device it’s viewed on.


If you hadn’t already heard Google’s Search Bot Algorithms are now taking into account whether a site has a security certificate (SSL), we wrote about it in a recent article, read more here. In the past, SSL sanctioned websites were mainly eCommerce sites with shopping carts and generally the only SSL pages or URLs were those related to the shopping cart process or logged in sections for the user. Now Google is prompting all companies with websites regardless of their category to add SSL to all pages on their site. eTailor offer annual SSL subscriptions at a discount price.

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