Mobile Usability – Google Update to Webmasters Tools Central

Google have updated how results are shown in mobile devices to let users understand which sites are Mobile-Friendly with this new label.

As illustrated in the image below, when a searcher carries out a ‘Google search’ on their mobile device it will be clear if the site is compatible or not.

This is part of Google’s ongoing updates to it’s search algorithms, part of which is to help better the users experience when mobile browsing.

As observed during 2014, mobile search has seen significant rises when compared to 2013 and is only set to increase with record numbers of mobile device sales worldwide. Now is the time to ensure your business website is getting the most out of mobile search traffic with Google’s new Mobile-friendly tag.

Google Webmasters Tools have recently added a new element ‘Mobile Usability‘ to their Webmasters Central which demonstrates whether the website profile is mobile friendly and any possible mobile usability errors.


etailor google webmasters tools mobile friendly

In the image above, you will clearly see Google’s new tag in grey beside the start of the Meta Description and underneath the URL of the presented website. The first line of the image represents the Meta Title of the webpage.


[irp posts=”2054″ name=”It may not be Mobilegeddon 2… but it’s not far off”]


A key point to take away from this would be if your business website is showing to potential visitors carrying out mobile searches that your site is compatible with mobile devices and meanwhile your competitor’s site is not, the user may be more inclined to click on your link. Another would be the reduction of bounced visits to websites which are not already mobile friendly.

Is your business website mobile friendly? If not talk with a member of our team about updating your website to a Responsive platform or about creating mobile specific landing pages or website.

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