Eir – Latest Target of Spam Phishing Emails

Spam Phishing Emails continue Eir is the latest company to be targeted

The creativity and persistence of Spammers is not waning.  Earlier this year we reported an increase of locally targeted Spam Phishing emails seeking to exploit customers of establishments such as AIB and Irish Revenue Services.

During February, following news of over charging and a refund scheme, customers of the Telecoms provider Eir (formally Eircom) are the latest to be targetted by Fraudulent Phishing Emails.

The Spam purports to be from Eir and advises the ‘customer’ that they are entitled to a refund, with the Subject line “Customer Support – Your refund is now available to complete at My eir”.

This is not the first of these kind of phishing emails being issued and it’s surely not going to be the last. Here’s a copy of the typically received mail:


eTailor advises of new Eir Spam Email


On first glance you’d be forgiven for believing that the mail is from Eir but on closer inspection it’s reasonably apparent it is not.  There are no Eir links for the Eir.ie website they in fact point to a third party website www.weingut-polsterer.at, easily observed from your browser address bar.

As with all suspect emails, you should not click on any links contained within the email, mark the counterfeit phishing email as Spam within your email program and advise the affiliated company of the mail through their customer service portal.

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