UPC announces Sky+ competitor

NTL and Chorus (part of the UPC group) has announced plans to launch a direct competitor to the Sky+ Personal Video Recorder device.

Sky+ is a box that allows users to “pause” live TV and record programs onto a hard drive. Sky has had their offering out for some time now, and now UPC has just announced details of their own offering for MMDS and Cable users.

“The UPC DVR is priced to allow everyone to enjoy the benefits of the Digital Video Recorder. Until now the Irish consumer had to pay over €190 upfront for a DVR product,” said Simon Kelehan of UPC Ireland.

UPC differenciates itself by offering twice the storage capacity of Sky+, while also offering introductory rates of discounted hardware until September of this year. Existing customers can expect a small upfront fee, and an additional €7.50 to their existing subscription. It will be made available in all area’s covered with MMDS or Cable (i.e. Chorus or NTL). Currently, this includes Dublin, Galway and Waterford – subscribers outside these area’s will be able to join in from October.


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